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  • No. We have focussed on offering world class equipment at an affordable price, which has meant we have cut out unnecessary extras such as a pool, saunas and steam baths. Why pay extra for facilities you don’t use?

  • Yes, FREE undercover parking is available. There is a parking validator you use when exiting myGym up to 4 hours.

  • Yes, all of our changing rooms have showers in separate cubicles.

  • Yes it is vitally important for you to wipe off any equipment you have used with your own sweat towel to ensure your fellow members are happy to exercise after you. Keeping hydrated is imperative for a good functioning body.

  • Yes, this is available at an additional cost. The cost varies depending if it is part of a group booking, a series, or on a one-to-one basis, and on the experience of the Personal Trainer.

  • Please ask any myGym staff member working on the floor to assist you – They are there for you.

  • Yes, we provide showers, lockers and toilets. Lockers are secured with your own padlock.

  • To ensure that you always have the quality experience throughout your membership at myGym, an annual increase in line with the costs associated to bring you this service will be levied. Rest assured that our business strategy is to bring you the most affordable and flexible membership – without compromising on quality. If you join on a pre-opening offer you will get that membership rate for one year from the day myGym opens in your area, otherwise on the anniversary of your chosen start date.

  • No. We use fingerprints, this isn’t 1980…

  • The cancellation process is extremely easy. Simply send an e-mail giving 1 month’s notice, to letting us know of your wish to cancel. Ensure you keep a copy of your correspondence for future reference. We also offer a freeze facility for R50 a month, which is much better value than cancelling and having to pay the joining fee again in the future.

  • Yes, to secure your goods in your locker, you are required to provide your own small/medium padlock. Please ensure tht you remove all personal belongings when leaving the gym.

  • Yes, the membership application process on the website is secure. Any details will be fully encrypted and your Personal and Banking details will be kept private.

  • There isn’t a catch! We can do this by keeping costs low and focusing purely on fitness by removing unnecessary and expensive extras such as pool’s, saunas, squash courts etc.

  • 4:30am – 22:00pm Monday – Thursday
    4:30am – 20:00pm Friday
    7:00am – 17:00pm Saturday
    7:00am – 16:00pm Sunday
    7:00am – 16:00pm Public Holidays
    Closed: Good Friday, Christmas and New Year’s Day

  • Exactly that! You decide how long you would like to be a member. Membership can be frozen for a nominal amount or you can cancel giving us a 30-day notice by sending an email to